Arts Development


Create to Grow

Create to Grow One was a project set up in East Yorkshire in 2011 thanks to the help of an Ecominds grant. Based at the Humber Centre for Forensic Psychiatry, five artists each worked with the residents on each of the five wards to design their courtyards using art, sculpture and horticulture. The outcomes were not only improved outside space but also a shared sense of pride and purpose. 

Courtyard garden with carved seat

Create to Grow Two was made possible with a second Ecominds grant and in 2012-13 unified both staff and residents at the Humber Centre for Forensic Psychiatry as they embarked on Cartwheels training. This training was to create a legacy of both staff and residents with an understanding of setting up their own art projects. Using their training as a starting point, the staff and residents were supported by three artists to create collaborative artworks including mosaics, woodcarvings and ceramics for the shared outside space accessible to all wards. 

Carved oak sundial and mosaic

The training booklets below give an insight to what those taking part in the cartwheels training discovered on the course. 

Training booklet part 1

Training booklet part 2

Training booklet part 3 

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