Arts Development


The Larkin with Toads project has brought to Hull a wealth of opportunities for both local and national artists alike.

Back in February we requested artists to submit designs to be part of the Larkin25 design gallery, with the hope that local business would sponsor their favoured designs and together artists and business would create a cutting edge mass participation arts event for the people of Hull.

Local businesses have done us proud - with over 30 sponsors to date the project is going from strength to strength.

The toads arrived in May and since then artists from all over the country have been converging in the Toad Warehouse in Hull to decorate their Toads and the results so far have been outstanding.

With the day to the unveiling of the Toad Trail fast approaching all at Artlink are waiting with baited breath for the finalisation of this exciting project.

Tigger Toad by Jayne Tunnicliffe

Tigger the toad is Hull City AFC's biggest supporter. He has been painting himself with tiger stripes ever since he was a tadpole. Although his team are struggling in the depths of the Premier League, he is hoping that they will leapfrog over the opposition and rise to the surface, triumphant.


Left: Original toad artwork.
Right: Completed toad.

Kiss Me Quick by Stephen McKay

'Kiss me quick' is intended to be fun, it not only a reference to the changing of the toad into a handsome prince by the transformational power of a single kiss but it is a reminder to the public to look beneath the surface. Although not encouraged, if members of the public should interact with this work by adding their own lipstick kisses, it will only add to the works appeal.


Left: Original toad artwork.
Right: Completed toad.

If you would like to see all of the other designs, and possibly sponsor a toad, then please click here.

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