Arts Development


Mural Projects

Mersey Primary Mural Picture

 Mersey Pri Mural 1Mersey Pri Mural 2

Mersey Primary Mural:  Artist Derek Howlett worked with one class to come up with a design for this playground mural. He worked with all the children in the school in rotation to paint the design- allocating different sections to different age groups- for example the world and people were by year 5 and 6 and key stage one children did the insects. We felt it was important to incorporate the different stages in artistic development in the design and celebrate it. The artist worked on the high up parts on his own- due to health and safety considerations and he also did the tidy up of the painting and undercoated and varnished the mural without children present due to fumes from the specialist substances used. 

 St Andrews Quay Mural Image

Fish and Ships Mural- St Andrews Quay: The design was done by Artist Judy Mussel after intensive consultation with Stand and local people and shoppers. She worked independently on the mural. Workshops where done in local schools and scout groups to paint the border.

 Yot Graffiti PictureYot Graffiti Picture 2

YOT Summer School Graffiti: During our Summer School for Youth Offenders, the Young people designed and sprayed their own graffiti style artwork- these were exhibited in a mini exhibition as part of their arts awards.

 St Stephens Painting 1St Stephens Painting 2

St Stephens Collaborative Painting: Using famous artists as starting points (in this case Klimt) children and adults from local community groups designed and painted collaborative banners.

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