Arts Development


St Nicholas Proud Parent Mural 

To celebrate proud parent's week and also to celebrate caring and nurturing in school, St Nicholas Primary created some murals for outside school.

The project kicked off with a whole school homework, asking children and parents to come up with designs celebrating caring attitudes. The designs were amazing and admired by all in an exhibition alongside a school coffee afternoon. It was up to staff at the school, Sarah Fisher from Artlink and the School Council  to form a judging panel to choose which ideas and designs would make it to the final design for the mural. 

Artlink Artist, Ruth Pigott brought all these ideas together in a brilliant design- with the boards spelling out PR-O-UD. 

Year 6 children worked with Ruth to draw up the designs using the grid method- which would providing a nice link to numeracy,  and then the reast of the school from Foundation up to Year 5 worked in small groups to paint the mural.

painting muralfinished mural

Minster School Story telling Boat and Jungle Snake  

As part of Beverley Minster Primary School's Arts Fortnight, Artists Saffron Waghorn, Sarah Fisher and Sarah Davies led sessions in painting, drama and sculpture to help the children design and create two sculptures. 

Drekinn- The Story Telling Boat is inspired by viking art and is large enough for a class of 30 to climb aboard for story telling inspiartion for literacy and topic work. 

The Jungle Snake is hidden in the school's wildlife area, and is a multi sensory piece, that the younger children can touch and climb over and under to compliment their jungle topic work. 


Jungle Snake

Mersey Primary Mural 

Artist Derek Howlett worked with one class to come up with a design for this playground mural. He worked with all the children in the school in rotation to paint the design- allocating different sections to different age groups- for example the world and people were by year 5 and 6 and key stage one children did the insects. We felt it was important to incorporate the different stages in artistic development in the design and celebrate it. The artist worked on the high up parts on his own- due to health and safety considerations and he also did the tidy up of the painting and undercoated and varnished the mural without children present due to fumes from the specialist substances used.  

Mersey Primary Mural Picture

 Mersey Pri Mural 1Mersey Pri Mural 2


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